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  Details regarding personal web site update
    1) Make your personal web page
    2) Contact smishra[AT] for verification and upload of your web page
    - Insecure uploading through the web page is not allowed.
    - Practice good password habits.
    - Segregate public and private data while designing web page.
    - Best unix permission for a file will be 644 (never use 777).
    - At present only php and cgi scripting is enabled.
    - Do not put copyright protected or pirated matrial on web.
Details regarding mail use
    1) Fill this excel sheet (details are required in remarks column).
    2) Email the excel sheet to soumitri.mishra[AT]
    3) Meet Mr Soumitri Mishra to verify your identity.
    4) Login to webmail in SIT webpage/Zimbra, after getting username and password.
    5) Available mail alias are: faculty, headsit, office, rs, ms
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