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Research Areas

Different areas of Research and corresponding faculty in School of Information Technology are




Area Faculty
Computer Networks Prof. A Gupta, Prof. S K Ghosh,
Computer Security Prof. S Sural
Computer Vision Prof. S Sural , Prof. C Mandal
Document Analysis Prof. S Sural
e-Commerce Prof. C Mandal
e-Voting Prof. C Mandal
Grid Computing Prof. A Gupta
Human Computer Interaction Prof. D Samanta
Image Processing Prof. R. R. Sahay
Mobile Computing Prof. A Gupta
Multimedia Databases Prof. S Sural
Network Security Prof. S K Ghosh
Object Oriented Design Prof. D Samanta
Operating Systems Prof. A Gupta
Pattern Recognition Prof. S Sural
VLSI Design Prof. D Samanta, Prof. S Sural, Prof. C Mandal
Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks Prof. A Gupta, Prof. S Misra


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